The Children

Lost Child

At the age of 11, the youngsters are near the edge of Dunwood gathering broken and cut branches. The adult woodsmen of Pinewood have cut down several trees and have moved on leaving the children the simple task of gathering up the smaller branches to be used as kindling. The children working at this location include Stefan, Gregori, Ansilin, Rhon, Krist, Karea, Erik, Uwe and Heidi. After lunch Heidi realizes Krist, the youngest, is missing. Checking the edge of the forest they can see her trail leading into the forest. Stefan, Gregori, Ansilin and Heidi decide to follow the trail in the hope of finding Krist before it gets dark.

The trail eventually leads into Bogfield Swamp. After a couple of hours they come across a large reptile with Krist’s body in its maw. After a fight they kill it, only to find Krist truly dead. Unfortunately, the retile had managed to call to its pack and more reptiles are converging on the spot. The players run into the swamp soon becoming lost.



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